Fundamental research


Nanoconstruction'watch focuses on synthetic technologies, assembly, structure of nano-objects and matter at the nanoscale. The interests of the group of experts concern the production of a single object, as the growth and spontaneous or directed positioning of an assembly of objects, particularly on a surface. Handling techniques and positioning of unique objects are also discussed.

This group also addresses the progress of observation techniques and characterization of such objects, notably through the near-field probes (AFM, STM) and microscopy (TEM).

At such dimensions, the fundamental properties of these nano objects are difficult to measure, and a special attention is payed on such properties, including optical and magnetic, including the measurement techniques.

Molecular electronics

The group of experts on 'Molecular Electronics' focuses his watch on  the electronic function components made of a unique molecule or a very limited number of molecules. This topic ranges from carbon nanotubes, graphene layers, small organic molecules or polymers. Most of the analyzed literature depicts trends towards ultimate miniaturization of components. The scale of these components is in the range of a few tens of nanometers. The applications concerns nano-electronics, for substitution, addition or replacement of actual Si-based devices.


Materials & devices for optics

The group "Materials and Components for Optical" realizes scientific monitoring in the field of optoelectronics (microcavities, photonic crystals, waveguides, optical sources ...). In addition to the main topic, the group provides expertises in the field of materials (III-V and III-N) and associated processes as well as in nanophotonics (near field microscopy, surface plasmon ...).

Following the developments in recent years, the topics turn to innovative ways like : biophotonics, optofluidics, terahertz, optomechanical, metamaterials and metasurfaces ...

Wide bandgap semiconductors and devices

"Wide Bandgap Devices" watch scientific novelties concerning devices and systems, based on wide bandgap semiconductors like SiC, GaN, Diamond,…. Experts from this topic give their expertise and survey in material field (bulk growth, epitaxy), technology improvements (design/modeling, processes, characterizations), advanced devices, packaging and systems integration (modules, drivers, protections).

Fields of applications are : Power devices, high frequency devices, sensors, electronic for high temperature and harsh environment

Organic electronics

The group of experts on "Organic electronics" is interested in the realization and implementation, through low-cost processes, semiconductor and insulating organic materials, with the goal of getting the cheapest possible, potentially high surface and flexible components. The active element is a material consisting of a large assembly of molecules ordered or not.
Target applications are display screen or light-based OLEDs, of RFIDs tags and low cost organic photovoltaics and consumer plastic electronics applications.
Periodic standby magazines theme "Organic Electronics" are written in English.