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Place: 15 Rue Hélène Brion 75013 Paris France

Over the last 10 years, the Observatory for micro & nanotechnologies has been organizing an annuel workshop that highlights the main breakthroughs, trends and development’s opportunities in fundamental research, and micro & nano applications in the fields of information & communication technologies, energy and life sciences.

Nine hot topics in one day

Each year, the 300 OMNT experts select and analyze hundreds of scientific papers. In 2016, thanks to this on-going watch, OMNT working groups have been investigating nine topics of interest, that will be presented at the OMNT annual symposium, to be held at université Paris-Diderot (Paris), on January 31, 2017.

Throughout this one-day conference, you will have the opportunity to get the OMNT analyses on the nine following topics :

Fundamental research :

New bio-inspired tools

Nanowire for multispectral imaging

Intramolecular resolution by local probe microscopy

Information-communication technology :

Which memory technologies for IoT

Neuromorphic architectures and their applications

Energy :

Si hybrid solar cells

Post Li-Ion battery technologies

Life science :

Personalized micro & nanomedicine

Organ printing - Organ on-a-chip


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